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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

Sad But True

Unfortunately, many people are believing and accepting Von Daniken's ideas. But his theory goes much further than simply playing around with the origin of man. We are also told that all miraculous events in the Bible can be explained by some type of saucer visitation or technology of beings who are visiting us from outer space.

Notice once again, we have no observed data to indicate that these extraterrestrial being really exist. Yet it is claimed that flying saucers manned by them are visiting our planet. A little later we will discuss flying saucers, what I believe they are and what I believe the Bible tells us about this phenomenon. Von Daniken tells us that Moses was visited by these saucer beings and that he thought these beings were God.

Such an interpretation is necessary, because according to Von Daniken, God always preceded Moses in a cloud -- that is simply a primitive way of describing a space ship.

The cloud accompanying the Israelites on their wanderings must have been God in a space ship or flying saucer. Von Daniken says the ark of the covenant was in reality a radio transmitter and receiver, an electronic device by which Moses could talk to God and also receive messages. This is inferred from the fact that Moses was given exact instructions for the construction of the ark. The ark was obviously a conductor of electricity because when certain people touched it, they were killed. They contacted high voltage electricity, according to Von Daniken, and were electrocuted. But while it is clear that, being covered with gold, the ark was a conductor, it is also clear that it could not possibly have had sufficient capacity to carry enough electrical charge to electrocute anyone. The whole idea is absurd and utterly devoid of scientific foundation. The depth of Von Daniken's research is suggested by such comments as, "I didn't look it up," and "I did not really look at the passage in Exodus, but somewhere I think I remember that sparks are always associated with the ark." If he had bothered to examine the Biblical passages he would know he was in error. He commits the very common mistake of attributing to the Bible statements which are nowhere to be found in the Scriptures.

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