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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

What About the Pyramids?

In the same book Von Daniken reports that the Egyptians were visited by the saucerians who gave them all of their gods and the technology for building pyramids in order to gain the worship of the Egyptians. Supposedly all of the worship, culture, and technology of Egypt was basically the result of visitations from outer space.

Several hundred books about UFOs and saucerians have been published in recent years. One of the ideas found in these books is that the pyramids can only be accounted for on the basis of imported saucerian technology. The two reasons cited in support of this view are first, that the primitive peoples of the past were quite ignorant and stupid and, second, the precision of design and construction of the pyramids and the prodigious feats which were involved in their production simply defy explanation on the basis of the capacities of primitive man, perhaps even on the basis of twentieth century technology. We must therefore supply these extraterrestrial super-technological beings as an explanation for the pyramids. One book, Gods and Demons from Outer Space, presents an answer to the dilemma of how the pyramids were built. After explaining the operation of flying saucers (postulating some type of electromagnetic drive to reverse gravitational fields so that they can hover and actually use the earth's gravity to propel themselves away from the earth and then use the gravity of some other planet such as Venus to propel themselves toward it), Eric Norman says they can obviously use this same type of force to levitate heavy objects. The saucerians supposedly instructed the priest in special training sessions and provided him with a tuning fork to use as a signal. Instead of calling upon huge masses of people to haul the stones and put them in place (we know from history that this is possible because there were enormous numbers of slaves in Egypt), they called for help from flying saucers. A stone was cut and the tuning fork struck. A flying saucer levitated the stone and flew it hundreds of miles to the pyramid site and dropped it right into place.

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