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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth

Dilemma For UFOlogists

If this much help was needed by the people of Egypt and the people of Egypt worshipped the saucerians as God, there seems to be a conflict with the Biblical story. The essence of the account in the Bible of Moses and the Exodus is a fight between two philosophies or between two Gods. In Gods and Demons from Outer Space, the flying saucer people were responsible for the gods of Egypt and had all of the wealth of Egypt. Why worry about these little people the Israelites? If saucerians already had the religion of the world, why establish a new religion with the ten commandments and laws communicated through Moses? Why introduce two opposite religions, both of which they control with Moses and his God pitted against the gods of the Egyptians? According to the Bible, all of the plagues were simply given to demonstrate the power of Moses' God, the God of the Bible, the God who revealed Himself to Moses and said, "I AM THAT I AM...say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you." With this declaration Moses was sent against the gods of the Egyptians, Moses and his God proved triumphant, destroying, basically, a system of worship and a system of slavery, and the children of Israel were freed.

Von Daniken tells us that history, all of civilization, must be explained as the result of saucer visitation, beings visiting from outer space. This whole premise rests upon the concept that man in the beginning was extremely primitive, dumb, stupid, and possessed no technology, could accomplish nothing on his own.

Examine what the Bible has to say about that.

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