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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The Claims of UFOlogists

We are told today that the earth is being visited by flying saucers. We are told that these beings from outer space, coming from planets in far distant galaxies, traveling at the speed of light , have a message for the world in which you and I live. Several months ago, for some strange and unknown reason, I was asked to speak at the sixth annual UFO Space and Science Convention. At one tome these conventions were held out in the middle of the desert with a handful of participants, but this one was held in the Convention Center, at Anaheim, California. Over 700 attended the banquet and close to three thousand were expected for the convention. Here I had the experience of meeting several very interesting people. I had already written a book on UFOs, yet I was quite surprised at the ideas proposed.

The program began in prayer with exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then convention leaders condemned the press for criticizing their presentation of religion in the convention because religion is what it was all about. During the course of the convention, people talked about their experiences aboard flying saucers and how they met people in the desert who had been taken aboard flying saucers and given trips throughout the universe. These witnesses described their trips and recalled their experiences. We were even promised by one man that his contact was going to fly his battalion of saucers over that night, provided the Air Force did not hear of it.

One particular man who headed one of the large flying saucer groups rose to speak. He talked about his experience with a flying saucer and related it to his experience with the Lord. He was quite an interesting man to speak to in personal conversation. He would say, "Oh yes, I remember you. You are an old soul. We have conversed in the past - maybe 30,000 years ago."

This man was serious and provides an example of some of the strange ideas the UFO enthusiasts expect us to accept.

One of the individuals attending the convention was from an organization in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego. A woman in her 70’s, she feels she has been given the unique responsibility of contact with beings from other planets. She is writing books and putting together a library of contacts she is making with scientists who lived on earth in the past and are now living in their higher selves on planets throughout our universe. They are relating to her new scientific discoveries and concepts which she can put into a framework in order to write her books. Her particular calling is to help the people of the earth build power towers that will bring us into a new age. These power towers built on some thirty other planets in our galaxy will supposedly bring these planets together into the Aquarian Age of knowledge, and we will be able to visit back and forth with the inhabitants of these planets. Through a deeper, inner study of herself, she has realized and recognized her higher consciousness. This is an important matter to those who, instead of looking to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, look inward to themselves to discover who they really are. They seek to blend their consciousness with the over-consciousness of the universe and thus discover their higher self. I was also amused to find that I was in the presence of the archangel Uriel, for that is who she claimed to be, active in her ministry for God to prepare us to enter a new age.

During the banquet the chairman of the convention rose to speak. With him was a minister of the Pentecostal persuasion. They talked about a healing service they held when the chairman was visiting the minister in Florida and how they had healed a deaf girl in the name of Jesus Christ. Saturday at noon a convention healing service was held. The minister preached and people came forward to be healed of their various infirmities.

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