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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

A Very Strange Testimony

When the convention leader later addressed the convention he gave his testimony, a fascinating story which went about as follows: "People ridicule me, but really I am just standing for the truth. And I believe literally what God says." However, he blended a great deal of evolution into the creation concept.

His testimony continued, "I believe in the Bible. And I believe in Valthor." I quickly looked in my Bible concordance but did not find that name listed. Later I found that I should have been looking for Valiant Thor who is a visitor to our planet from his home planet Venus. Readers who are science majors realize that there is no life on Venus and the surface temperature of a Venus, over 500 degrees, is not conducive to life. But this visitor has it worked out so that he lives inside the planet where there are much better living conditions.

Val Thor has come to earth to prepare us for the return of Jesus Christ. He carries with him Christ’s message. He is said to be a very sincere and devout man, possessing certain unusual powers, though he looks very much like an ordinary human being. He is said to have visited with people in the Pentagon and is reported to be helping us discern something about our energy sources. The most fascinating thing said about him was that he is an unfallen being. Though some may attribute to him statements that he is an angel, I have not yet found that listed in my reading. Supposedly Val Thor claims he is a creation of God who preceded us in our evolution but is of an unfallen race. He reportedly says that we are the only fallen race in the universe and that there are many other creatures of God watching us, concerned about us, hoping that we might return to fellowship with our Creator. He has come to inform and warn the earth people.

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