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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The Contactees

It is fascinating to study contactees, people who claim to have been contacted by some type of flying saucer. Many of their stories are unique and yet many bear striking resemblances and similarities. Several have indicated that they were driving home - usually late at night and they were usually tired - and felt some type of vibration in the car. One gentleman reported that he felt heat within the car. He continued on the road but for some reason, just before he got to his house, he turned on to a deserted gravel road, drove over a little hill, came down into a clearing and there, in front of him, saw a flying saucer. He said he was terrified and tried to leave, but could not. He saw two men walk towards him and for some reason, though he did not want to, he rolled down the window of the car. One of the men approached and sprayed something on the windshield, the other one reached in and touched him with an instrument on the back of the neck. He was told that this instrument helped him communicate with the saucerians. He describes these individuals as being about five feet tall, weighing about 130-135 pounds and having cat-like eyes, slits for noses, a mouth, but no lips. He did not notice the mouths talking to him. The saucerians were dressed all in silver with the insignia of the flying serpent on the chest and a silver box on the belt which was supposed to be for communications purposes.

The man was allowed to board the flying saucer, which he describes as metallic and containing various windows. He was told something about the propulsion system. His hosts warned against the use of atomic weapons and atomic power, claiming that they have a greater source of energy and power than we have. They assured him they have come as friends but since we have a tendency to shoot at them , it is necessary for them to meet in secret. He was instructed in the workings of the space craft, and after visiting awhile they inquired about the man’s vocation. This contactee was an attorney. (Another man relating a similar experience was a policeman.) The space people said they wanted to learn something about our laws and politics because it would be necessary for them to understand them when the takeover occurred. They may not have used exactly those words, but they are looking for influential friends.

This was a life-changing experience. The attorney went back to his house and the policeman returned to duty, and both of them reported an amount of time missing, for that is all they remembered. In the attorney’s case, he remembered seeing a flying saucer and remembered nothing more except that when he got home the next morning, about two hours were missing for which he could not account. This worried him so that he saw a psychiatrist. He also began reading a little on flying saucers.

He talked with an expert about the saucer visitation. Under hypnosis the lawyer told the entire story as related. The transcripts reveal that the hypnotist was very careful not to plant anything in the mind of the contactee.

The comments of the individuals who interview contactees are fascinating to say the least. They report certain things which seem to be common to all secret saucer visitations, that is, saucer visitations in which the contactee does not realize anything more than seeing a light or a saucer. Under hypnosis such a person reveals more and sometimes mentions being abducted. He answers all questions with a robot-like response, reportedly using a voice not his own. When he is questioned the response becomes automatic and deep from within. After debriefing the subject is told, "I want you to remember everything you told me, wake up. Now you can discuss it in the open. What was it the saucer people said to you?" Perhaps 15 to 40 seconds of silence follows and the voice that answers is robot-like, automatic and deep from within, not the normal voice of the individual. Both the hypnotist and the expert observers present in these interviews tell us that this behavior is very similar to possession in the old-fashioned sense of demon possession.

The lawyer had a fervent and uncontrollable desire to enter politics. His law practice almost fell apart. Finally after realizing this, he was able to return somewhat to normal practice but still had a desire to enter politics.

A normal professional man who evidently was not a "saucer nut," after the saucer contact maintained a missionary zeal to proclaim the message of the saucerians.

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