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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

A Saucerian

The saucer messages are sometimes quite significant. One contact, or saucerian, who sometimes presents himself as the head of the confederation of galactic planets and at other times being from Jupiter or Mars, and sometimes from outside our galaxy - Ashtar - lists nine points for mankind to follow which contain many ideas taken from scriptural concepts. Central is the idea that each person must seek within for his higher self in order to blend his consciousness with the over-consciousness of the universe. Ashtar claims to be a being of light, yet refers to the evolution of the galaxies, the planets, and life. He speaks of God as Creator and affirms that we must learn to love our Creator.

In one instance, Ashtar supposedly contacted a businessman in Missouri who saw a flashing light one night while returning home. He did not think much of it and entered his house. Seven days later while he was in his room, a light appeared. After this he began to experience tremendous headaches and then made contacts with this individual named Ashtar. Ashtar proved his power to the businessman by revealing to the man his past and showing him various things that occurred both in the life that he was now living and in his childhood. He took the man on tours through the universe and began to predict news headlines. This went on for weeks so that every night the man new what was going to happen the next day. Ashtar said, "We want you to invest your money. We will give you tips because we need people with financial influence and money on our side." He was asked to give up all he was doing to become a missionary. In actuality he was asked to become a messiah. He was going to be given the power to heal, and the power to present his message and convince people. To this day because of his refusal to go into religious work, this man wonders if he did the right thing telling Ashtar to leave. Ashtar got even though, by telling him to invest $50,000 in a particular stock. Within three days the man was almost broke.

Some people, of course, denounce stories of these contacts, but they are occurring. Ten years ago we were told no one believed in flying saucers, it was all nonsense. We are now told that over 10% of the people living in the United States have had a contact experience of some kind and over 50 million people have seen a flying saucer of some sort. Most people would be willing to accept their existence if they thought they saw them. In a book called Operation Trojan Horse, a man named Keel says everything reported about flying saucer contacts or flying saucer sightings at one time or another appeared in fiction before it became part of an experience. He documents this statement quite well. Unknowingly we have been programmed to accept these reports and it becomes more amazing all the time when we realize the character of some of the messages given to us by those who claim to be extraterrestrial brothers from outer space.

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