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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

A Being Named Oh-ho

A contact named Oh-ho visited a Canadian girl and warned her of judgments and disasters which were going to take place on earth. He told her of the destruction of the earth itself, that everything was going to be changed. He said that he had come to present the message of Christ. Although he called him "Esu," he predicted the return of Christ. He said Christ would return near water which is His sign.

Oh-ho said He will return near the area of the Great Lakes which will be known after the great cataclysms and judgments as the a Western Lakes. He will come for his people in flying saucers to take believers and followers out of this world, to a new planet, to await the judgements and cataclysms by which the earth is purged and changed. Then the earth will be created new and believers and followers of Christ will be returned to this planet. Oddly enough, Oh-ho challenged her to read the book of Revelation in order to understand these things.

Because of these types of visitations, people believe there must be some truth to what is being claimed. They are attempting to find saucer visitations throughout the Bible, and they are looking at the Bible in a new light, that of flying saucer technology. We are told to expect the Lord Jesus Christ to return in a flying saucer. That was the basic purpose of the UFO convention, to promote and understand this "truth." I do not know exactly how all these people came into possession of their knowledge.

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