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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The UFO Convention

When I addressed the UFO convention, Peter Lorie, Jr. Introduced me. The first thing he did was talk about his flying saucer contact, which occurred while he was out walking his dog, and how great and exciting it was. He asked the audience how many had seen a flying saucer - fewer than 100 had not. Then I was introduced to speak. The room was filled with people who were quite interested in the subject. The audience was quiet, yet the whole time I spoke I heard voices. Voices crying out, "He is preaching to us, he is just talking about Christ, quit that preaching at us." High screeching voices. But as I listen to the tape of my message I hear no voices recorded, however, there are a lot of long sentences with long pauses. I recall looking around the room for people causing a disturbance because I was sure people were talking. My wife and a close friend, Dr. Kofahl, were sitting in the middle of the audience but heard no disturbance. The people recording the convention did not pick up any unwanted voices either. It was a strange experience.

Fortunately, about a month later, the Lord let me go back to that room in the convention center to speak to a different group originally scheduled for another room. This meeting was for some reason at the last minute changed to that same room where the UFO convention had been. I experienced no difficulties on this second occasion. It is not the room, it must have something to do with the people in the room. I believe that the information these people are receiving and proclaiming comes from a source which is foreign to what God has to say. Perhaps we could call it possession. That experience in the convention hall alone does not tell me this. I gain insight from an understanding of what the proponents of this new religion tell us we should accept in the light of saucer visitation. There is now an established religion - I call it UFOlogy - but it could also be called the Church of Jesus Christ of the Saucerians. The faithful believe that Jesus Christ will one day come in a flying saucer.

What other doctrines do the devotees of the new religion off the last days believe? We have mentioned their efforts to explain the technological feats of ancient civilizations in terms of saucer visitations, but they also attempt to explain away the miracles of the Bible. In this context, one proponent of UFOlogy, R.L. Dione, attempts in his book, God Drives A Flying Saucer, to show that all miracles are to be explained by flying saucer technology.

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