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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

A New Kind Of God

The man does a beautiful job of presenting his case and unfortunately many will believe him. He builds a case for flying saucers, picks his contacts and stories well, makes the people seem believable, talks knowingly about flying saucer technology and explains as far as he can, the engineering principles involved in saucer space travel. He bases his entire story on the premise that these people are more intelligent than we are, possessing a much more highly developed technology than we have. Consequently, they can visit us at will. Dione believes God must be the head of these saucer people. He goes through the explanation of the miracle at Fatima (the man is a Catholic) and explains Fatima in the light of flying saucer technology and visitation. Then he applies to Moses what he has said took place at Fatima, works his way through the Old Testament, and ultimately comes to the story of Jesus Christ.

He tells us that Jesus Christ is simply an individual who was conceived in a flying saucer. Supposedly, Mary, a Virgin, was levitated into a flying saucer, and the sperm of God (the head saucerian) was implanted into her womb through a hypodermic needle. This, he says, explains the virgin birth. She was hypnotized and therefore thought she carried the Son of God. By Dione’s definition she actually did. Christ was born and grew up here on earth, but we are not told much about His early life. In this fact Dione claims to find strong support for his views. He affirms that God never lies to us, but leaves out many things which would cause problems. Since the early childhood of Christ and His adjustment and learning period would be difficult to explain, the Bible skips over this period and begins with His ministry and miracles.

Dione says it is obvious that Christ healed people, but a consideration of His healing ministry shows that He could not have possessed supernatural power to heal. He healed the blind and the sick; He took maimed and lame arms and legs and made the well. He did not, however, add arms to anyone nor did He heal all of the people. Now Dione says if Christ were truly God and really wanted to convince people of that, He would have healed everybody so that everybody would have believed. Since He did not, He must have been a being from a flying saucer.

Let me remind you, I do not believe these tenets. But I think that it is important that we understand what is being said. Over ten million people have purchased and read books like Dione’s and Von Daniken’s, they are the popular books of the time. This new religion is an attempt to reinterpret the Bible literally, but with an approach which differs profoundly from that of the historic Christian faith. Their God is not a supernatural God, but a supertechnological God. This pseudo-scientific framework is being used to explain miracles which have been difficult for man to accept. This new development should not surprise us. The man who says God does not have the power to create the heavens and the earth, but that naturalism - natural laws and processes such as evolution - were used to bring life into existence, obviously denies God’s supernatural power as well. It is then only a small step to say that miracles are impossible because they are outside of natural law. This man must, therefore, look for natural means of explaining them. Dione has devised a framework to do just that.

Dione proposes that saucer beings carefully selected people living on earth, subjected them to hypnosis, and implanted in their subconscious minds such suggestions as, you now have a withered hand, you are blind, you have been born blind, you are sick and lame. They programmed these people so that when Christ walked through towns he said certain things He triggered post hypnotic suggestions and the people were healed. Thus the saucerians, in order to have Christ accepted and believed, have perpetrated upon mankind what seemed like mighty miracles, but were actually enormous conspiracies of fraud and deception.

Referring to the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand Dione says that we are told the people were gathered into groups of fifty to one hundred. He maintains they must have put their faces to the ground and hid them so that they did not see the food being lowered from the flying saucer. The Bible does say that the people were divided into groups, evidently this made it easier for the apostles to minister to them. But I do not find in the scriptures that the people hid their faces. In fact, what Dione says here seems a little inconsistent, because we are told later when Christ ascended to heaven "in a flying saucer," stupid, ignorant men like Peter, James, John and others (for that is how UFOlogist describe the disciples) thought it was a cloud, and Luke so described it in the book of Acts. Obviously they should have been able to tell there was something in the air different than a cloud. But according to Dione, they can not. Flying saucers then are said to look like clouds and primitive people thought they were clouds and described them as such. If that is true in the feeding of the five thousand why didn’t all the disciples think the food came from the clouds?

Dione says the people hid their faces and received the food handed to them, not perceiving the truth. They thought it was a miracle.

In the healing of Lazarus, most people think that Lazarus was dead. Not Dione. He says there was not a single medical doctor there who was really qualified to understand what death is, who could certify that Lazarus was dead. The people merely thought he was dead. He was actually in a hypnotic trance or coma. Then Christ arrived and said, "Arise." And he awoke from his spell and left the tomb.

Dione is amazing because he has also attempted to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He claims that in order to make it believable the saucerians hung Jesus Christ on the cross and placed Him in a hypnotic trance which induced bleeding. He alleges that since bleeding can be stopped by hypnosis, it would only seem logical that bleeding could be induced by hypnosis. The induced bleeding from his side made the death of Jesus believable to the people. The saucerians allowed Him to suffer a certain amount of pain, more than they had led Him to expect, because He cried out that He was forsaken on the cross.

Obviously this is the only way to explain the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ, because if He were a supernatural God, He should have used His superhuman strength to outlast the two thieves on the cross or so Dione proposes. But since He died first, in a short period of time, obviously it must have been the result of manipulation by an outside power through a hypnotic trance. They revived Him from that trance in the tomb and had Him carry out the post-resurrection appearances. Then they levitated Him into the saucer and transported Him to their home planet, after promising that He would return in the same manner in which the apostles saw Him go. I am surprised that a man could go that far in his imagination. But Dione does not stop there; he even describes eternity.

He states that one day Jesus Christ will return for those who truly believe, understand and accept His word. He will take these believers out of this world in flying saucers. He predicts judgments, but says there will be eternal life for those who truly believe. Supposedly, the electromagnetic being which makes up our soul, our mind, will be given a new plastic body in order that we may be able to experience for all eternity all of the physical sensations in a body that will not wear out.

Dione says this must be true because otherwise eternity would be boring. Since perfect beings cannot experience lust, greed and other emotions of life, obviously they must have this type of body to experience the human, physical sensations. Those who believe and accept these doctrines will be rewarded and each be given his own planet.

On this private planet, I can experiment with animals and make them evolve into men. I can do with those men what I want and I can experience all the physical sensations of lust, greed, pride, whatever through the creatures I have created on my planet. Through all eternity I will be God to those people. I will bring them to a point where they can take their place in the universe and can then create their own race.

Dione says we are being visited now by several different types of creatures. This explains the sightings of different types of space visitors, some who are a foot tall, others who are over five feet, and those which have the appearance of monsters. It is interesting and significant to observe that so many explanations are offered.

One flying saucer enthusiast reports that the saucerians have scramblers, pretty much like the transporters seen on the TV show "Star Trek." They scramble up all the atoms and transport the whole spaceship here and reassemble it. It is said that many of them did not get reassembled properly. So a crab-like creature exists because the poor saucerian did not get his molecules arranged properly. Extraterrestrials gave up that kind of travel because it was hard on them and also because some of their people liked it that way and continued to travel around in a disembodied state, having the ability to posses rocks, mountains, and even people. This new state gives them an opportunity to experience all the physical universe even the atomic realm.

In any event, Dione says we are being visited by many types of people and they are watching God’s experiment here so they can learn how to do things on their own planets. He affirms that the rules of the Bible are to be used and for this he takes a passage out of context from the book of Job which says that you can speak to a man three times in dreams and in visions, thus giving the people you create three chances to follow what you say.

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