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The Great Flying Saucer Myth

The Great Flying Saucer Myth by Kelly L. Segraves

The Seven Trumpets

The first trumpet is heard in Rev. 8:7 picturing hail and fire mingles with blood. One-third of the trees are destroyed and all grass is burned up. This is the result of a second great nuclear holocaust as the earth continues its massive warfare.

The second trumpet indicates a destruction upon the water and gives us a picture of a massive hydrogen bomb explosion causing a great destruction of sea creatures as one-third of the sea becomes blood (Rev.8:8-9). One-third of all the ships will be destroyed as this nuclear havoc continues.

The third trumpet in Rev. 8:10-11 indicates the contamination of one-third of all the fresh water supplies on the earth. Multitudes will die as a result of this poison water. The atomic fallout of this great nuclear explosion will pollute our atmosphere causing on-third of the earth to be in darkness as indicated by the blowing of the fourth trumpet in Rev. 8:12. Still, in spite of all the destruction around them, many will continue in this great battle bent upon it’s own destruction. Mankind is warned of this foolishness by an angel (Rev. 8:13) who cries out three woes upon the inhabitants of the earth. By refusing to believe men will suffer greatly from the three terrible judgments to come. For at the blowing of the fifth trumpet (Rev. 9:9-11) we find unleashed a terrible power from the very pits of hell as demons come to the aid of Satan in this great attack upon mankind. In the form of locusts with the leader called The Destroyer, these creatures unleash painful torment upon man stinging him so that so that he wishes he were dead.

The sixth trumpet (Rev. 9:12-19) is in reality the second woe and indicates a terrifying judgment as one-third of the earth’s population is destroyed by a mighty army of 200 million. Entering into the battle with their allies they add to the total thermo-nuclear destruction of the earth as we know it. Even in the midst of all that has been prophesied, men will still refuse to believe. So engrosses in the religions of this world and so deceived by the false statements of the antichrist and his prophet, man continues in his sin and rebellion against God as indicated in Rev.9:20-21. Clinging to their idols and worship of demons and the occult, man seems bent on his own destruction.

Before the blowing of the seventh trumpet, the final woe, there is a brief time of peace near the end of the tribulation period in which man is given a chance to return to God. Many other events take place during this period of tribulation for man. Even with all of the warnings and opportunities, man’s continuing insistence of rejecting the true God and following the antichrist and Satan will lead to his final doom. Satan is in full control during this period and having deceived men, establishes his false prophet who may in reality be the one masquerading as Christ and predicted by the saucerians. Many may believe that this false Christ has returned in a saucer. Believing in the saucerians, man will help place them in authority, will follow these antichrists and eventually reject the true message of God.

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