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God's evidence was overwhelming. I had never realized that God had indelibly stamped His signature on all things. Truly, the man who rejects God is without excuse. I realized that my defense was broken; His truth would prevail.

Prepared for the final Judgment, I was not surprised by the sentence, for I had condemned myself already. The angel read the painful truth that prepared the way for my eternal doom. "Those whose names are not recorded in the Book of Life shall be cast into the lake of fire forever."

Physical torment and pain were to be my fate forever. The physical suffering I could stand, but the mental anguish would torture me unbearably. On earth I chose to ignore God, pretending that He didn't exist. I didn't want God to interfere in my life. Now God was giving me exactly what I had desired, an eternity without God. His name would not be mentioned, His salvation would not again be offered, and throughout eternity He would not seek to have fellowship with me. I was cut off forever!

Too late, I realized I could never be happy without Him. My Maker and Friend, potential Saviour and Lord would now be separated from me throughout eternity.

It was no comfort to know that billions of people had made the same tragic mistake and were condemned to a dismal eternity in everlasting fire.

If only others could be warned before death comes. Perhaps they could escape by accepting God and believing on His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shed His precious blood for their sins that they may gain eternal life in heaven with their heavenly Father.

I wouldn't want anyone to face the judgment unprepared. Man wasn't made to meet the Almighty unprepared, for puny man is no match for God. Truly, God is in complete control of all things, and His Word is binding on all men. His Word is truth.

As I left the throne of God, I felt a deep sense of loss. Even in the judgment there was security in His presence. As I entered the dark corridor that led to my final home, I began to feel the reality of my fate. Burdened again with guilt, my soul was filled with despair. The farther away from God I walked, the greater my despondency. I began to realize the full impact of being separated from God, and feel the weight of this burden press upon my shoulders. My head pounded with that ever-present question. Why had I rejected God? Why?

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