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Again God spoke to me. "I gave Moses the Ten Commandments that man might have laws, and I established the system of human government whereby man might govern himself with My law." In reality I knew that God was responsible for all things, but man chose to worship the things rather than the God who gave them to him. Man had chosen to follow his own will and reject the will of God, thus violating His laws. I could see in His dealings with the nation Israel, especially with Pharaoh in Egypt when He brought the plagues on the people, the power of God was displayed for all the world to see. The events in that film The Ten Commandments which I remembered so vividly, actually did take place. God was still in full control of all the world.

God did not forget his promise to Eve, for when the time was right, God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He told me again about the One who created the heavens and the earth but laid aside His Godly power. Born as a man and fashioned as a man, He was still God. He lived a sinless life, proclaiming the power and message of God in order to fulfill His purpose, which was to die on the cross as a substitute for man's sin. Five hundred people witnessed the fact that He rose from the dead. After His resurrection He was seen by His disciples, men on the road and multitudes who recognized and knew that He was the Lord Jesus Christ. The Roman soldiers, in their day, the best in all the land, could not explain where Jesus had gone, for the tomb in which He had been buried was empty. They could not provide His body to clear themselves of the disgrace of an empty, guarded tomb. The official seal of Caesar upon the great stone had been broken. The body they had been guarding was missing. Jesus had risen from the grave. This same Jesus, seen by His disciples ascending into heaven, promised to prepare a place for those who believed.

It was all recorded. I can remember hearing it time and time again every Easter, and I can recall every Christmas celebrating the birth of the Son of God. Somehow I never really associated the true meaning of those events with the reality of the need in my life. These were just stories, good religious festivals, times to go to church. Then at church they always talked of sin and judgment, things I didn't want to hear about. Had I listened carefully, I would have heard the truth I needed to change my life. Had I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, I could have escaped the awful judgment. Clearly the Word of God presented the message. All I needed was to accept that the Lord Jesus Christ died for me and ask God to forgive me. Think of it! The Son of God, Creator of the universe, died in my behalf that I might have eternal life. It was there for me... free, and I turned it down! The message was present in my own house from my earliest days, for as long as I can remember I have owned a Bible, that best selling book that everyone buys but hardly anyone reads. God had clearly revealed the plan of salvation in the Bible that I might believe.

I knew that God had dealt fairly with me, both in my life and now in death. My entire defense was futile, for God had shown me the folly of my ways. In following the world's wisdom I demonstrated my foolishness, for I could not explain the existence of God, and I could never dispute the manifold evidences of His existence and power. I had denied His Word. He had sought me, invited me to come and placed the matter before me, but I had stubbornly rejected God. Because of my rejection, I was without excuse. Whatever my fate, God was just, for I had chosen to live without Him all my life, and that decision determined my destiny. My loving Creator had now become my forbidding Judge.

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