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Then God spoke of His servant Noah, who built an ark to escape the great judgment of the Flood. "Evil was rampant throughout the world I had created. When you consider that the first son of Adam and Eve was a murderer, what do you think the rest of them were like?" I could picture them cursing God, pursuing violence, violating the moral code, and in every possible sense defying the One who had made them. This grieved God, and He was sorry He had ever created man. Looking down upon the millions of inhabitants that filled the earth, He said, "I found only one righteous man. That man was Noah. I told Noah to build a boat and to take into that boat the animals necessary to preserve life upon the earth, male and female. As My servant Noah built the ark, people ridiculed him, yet he faithfully built it as I had instructed him." I could picture Noah taking his stand for God. Why couldn't I have been like that? Why had I followed in the footsteps of those who mocked and cursed God?

God told me that when Noah finished the ark, he took all of the animals inside. What a tremendous structure, much like a giant railroad boxcar over 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. There was plenty of room for all the animals, with an entire deck available for Noah and his family. There was even space left for other people, but they refused to take sanctuary in the ark. "Then after years of warning, I caused the Great Flood to cover the whole world with water in order to wipe man off the face of the earth. As the fountains of the deep were opened, many of the animals living in the sea were carried on to the land and buried in sediments. As the water continued to rise out of the oceans, covering the land mass, the amphibious animals were buried next and then those that lived farther inland. Finally as the water reached the plains, it inundated all of the great plains animals. Man and the more mobile animals, which sought higher ground, were buried last. The ark floated on top of the waters which destroyed animals and plants on the face of the earth.

"When Noah stepped off the ark, the world was different. It was a desert, barren land. In sedimentary rocks the remains of animals and plants could be found as evidence of the destruction that had just taken place and a constant reminder that sin, evil and the violence of the corrupt world had been judged. This should have been a reminder to everyone of that great cataclysm in the past, yet man mistook these for evidences of evolution. Is that a reasonable conclusion?"

Only now I realized that the Flood was real. As God described it, I knew that the gaps in the fossil record existed because there were no transitional forms, no in-between stages to support the idea of evolution. Fossils were not to be used as evidence that life had evolved, but that they were buried rapidly in water-deposited strata, clearly indicating the judgment of the world by water in the days of Noah. Again, God's power and His Word were displayed all around the world in which I had lived.

I had been misled.

For the God I stood before is a God who clearly planned the beginning and knows what the end will be. "I established a covenant with Noah," He said. "and placed My rainbow in the sky." I can remember looking at rainbows, amazed at the beauty and splendor of the great sight, but I failed to recognize it as a sign of judgment in the past, placed there by God to remind man that He would never again destroy the earth by water. I guess I had never really thought about the reason it was there and had never really asked the question, why. How foolish I was to accept the concept of evolution without evaluating the evidence of the Great Flood. This judgment in the past should have warned of the greater judgment to come. I just didn't heed the warning.

I could feel my knees getting weak, for the mounting evidence clearly demonstrated God's full control at all times. Although man had chosen to reject Him, His offer of eternal life was still available to those who would believe.

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