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Then God turned His attention to the origin of animal life upon the earth. "Were you there," He said, "when I spoke and the waters brought forth life? Not simple microscopic life, but life of sea creatures, the great whales and the mighty fish of the sea. Did you see My Son as He called the birds into existence? How does man explain the origin of flight?"

I guess I had never thought about flight. Truly God had planned it. Setting things in motion by His mighty power, He designed the birds to fly. Why, every bird that flies in the heavens is simply a tribute to the power of the Creator. It would have been difficult to explain flight having developed all by itself, for a bird is designed to fly. As man walks on the earth and gazes on the peaceful sea gull, the great eagle, or the giant condor, how can he reject these majestic tributes to the Creator? I was sure that I could not answer. Drawing my attention to the sea, God spoke of the mighty mammals that fill the seas, creatures quite unrelated to the other sea creatures.

"Look at the whale, the dolphin, and the seal," He said. "These are My warm-blooded, air breathing mammals. If evolution were true, they would have had to come from land animals, which would have evolved in turn from sea creatures. Is such a conclusion reasonable? Where is the evidence of this evolutionary process? Produce it if you can?" I could not. I realized that transitional forms were not available.

Then God reminded me of that great law of biology, the law of biogenesis, which states that life produces life, that life reproduces after its kind. There are no observed exceptions to that law: all life reproduces after its kind. Why didn't I see that when I was alive on earth? God had created life in the beginning, formed to reproduce after its own kind. It was magnificent to picture in my mind all the varieties God had made. His imagination generated the mighty elephant, the kangaroo, the giraffe, the roaring lion, the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros with his horn, the horse with his power, the speed of the cheetah and the giant whale. Even the mighty reptiles were made by God in the beginning, formed to live in a perfect environment that He had prepared. As I pondered these things, God spoke of man.

"I created man," He said, "from the dust of the earth. I formed him and made him, breathing into his nostrils the breath of life. That first man, Adam, became a living soul. He was perfect in the day that he was created. Man has ridiculed this account of his origin, yet that is how I chose to do it. Can you deny it? Does man have any evidence to the contrary?"

As I stood before God and heard Him declare these things, the scientific arguments of man lost all meaning. I remember how man used to poke fun at the idea of Eve being created from Adam's rib, taken from his side. My professor used to say that if that were true, man would have one less rib than woman, and everybody knows that isn't the case. "Obviously," he scoffed, "the Bible is incorrect." Yet as God spoke of Eve's being made from Adam's rib, I realized that Adam did have one less rib than Eve, but their children possessed the proper number of ribs. When a father who has lost two fingers on his hand begets children, are they not born with the proper number of fingers? Why does man in his fallacious reasoning continue in his struggle to deny God? The great Creator, from the rib of Adam fashioning the perfect female, established His creatures in a garden of beauty and perfection, there to remain forever and ever.

For a moment God was silent. As I looked up, He spoke again of His created world. "As I gazed upon My world," He said, "I beheld everything I had made and I saw that it was very good. There was no sin, no evil, a perfect man, a perfect woman, and an unblemished world.

As Adam first beheld Eve and knew she was his for a lifetime, one man and one woman together, marriage was established. In Adam's own words, `She is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.'"

As God spoke, I caught a glimpse of that perfect pair, the parents of all the earth. It's hard to imagine the love they must have had for each other and for the One who made them.

"But what happened to that perfect world?" I asked. "Why did it change? Why is the world so different now? Why doesn't man believe God?"

With a serene stillness in His voice, as a father speaks of a loved one who is gone forever, God spoke of Satan, the powerful but fallen angel He had made prefect. Satan, the anointed cherub that covered, the prince of the power of the air, fell after the sixth day of creation, bringing evil into the ideal world that God had made. "He denied that he was a created being; thinking himself equal to Me, he failed. Seeing Eve alone in the garden he told her to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that she and Adam might become as gods. Eve looked at that tree, desired the fruit, and took it. In doing so, she died. For I had spoken that in the day they ate of that tree, they would surely die. Eve took the fruit and gave it to Adam, who also ate of it and died. Though not perishing instantaneously, the two perfect beings, created to live forever in perfect harmony and fellowship with Me, began to die physically. On the day they ate of that fruit they separated themselves from Me because of disobedience."

How tragic! The world that God had made was created as an eternal world. Nothing new would ever be added, for it was perfect and entire, lacking nothing. When God rested the seventh day of creation, He had finished His work of creating and making. The total amount of mass and energy would always remain the same. There was a balance, an equilibrium. Now that Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a change had appeared in the world that God had made. All of creation was affected. The universe, the earth, even life on the earth was now different. It was not a sudden difference, but still a change. For now the universe, like a giant clock, was running in a downward direction. Ultimately the light from the stars would no longer shine and the sun would burn out. Things would have a tendency to die out, to degenerate. Adam and Eve, likewise created to live forever, began to die. I could hardly keep from crying as I realized the defeat of our first parents. All of Adam and Eve's children were born into a world cursed by disobedience. The animals also began to produce offspring that were less perfect. Animals were different because of a random change in their genetic structure, mutations. I had always wondered why mutations seemed to go in the wrong direction for evolution, why all the changes were for the worse. It was hard to understand how scientists who believed in the natural process of evolution could explain new forms of life coming upon the earth by a series of mutations. Especially when the mutations or changes, overwhelmingly harmful or lethal, totally failed to produce anything new. I had accepted the word of evolutionists because, after all, they were the authorities. Since I had never really studied the matter, I simply took their word for it, even though I didn't understand. I thought they must be correct.

Now I could see that I had believed man over God. In this new world, a world cursed by sin, animals produced unfit offspring. Survival of the fittest came into affect. Those animals that were fit survived. Those that were unfit died out. The sons of Adam and Eve, along with their daughters, married, multiplied and filled the earth. The first son, Cain, killed his brother. What a drastic change from the beauty and perfection of the Garden of Eden.

As God revealed these things, I could sense His love for the world that He had made. For the first time I realized that He alone had the right to control the world. In the moments that followed, His words only reinforced my new-found conviction. "I gave Eve a promise that one day I would send My Son to atone for the sins of mankind. One day He would die as a substitute for the sins of man."

As God continued to describe the beginning, a beginning already recorded in the book of Genesis, I realized again the foolishness of my decision on earth. I had chosen to follow man, rejecting the Word of God. Somehow on earth the Bible lacked authority, and I listened to those people who denied it. Here, as God presented what took place in the beginning, I knew it was true. If only I had realized it earlier, I would never have had to face the judgment. The evidence was conclusive.

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