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How I longed for a second chance. I wanted to tell the whole world of my new-found knowledge. I knew it was the same message that those few believers on earth were proclaiming, but the fervor with which I would declare it would renovate men's patterns and change the world. I burned within to do something for God. I ached inside for the privilege of proclaiming His truth, but it was too late. Too late!

I was already dead.

As a creature of God, I longed to serve my Creator. Wait a minute! That's it! Men refuse to serve God because they haven't recognized who He is. What was it they taught us in school? Something about evolution and the development of the earth, life and man by natural law without the need of a God. Maybe that's why I didn't accept God's Word on earth. If I remember correctly all of the scientific evidence was against God. It had been proved that all things had evolved. Science had outgrown the need for God.

As I mulled these things over in my mind, my courage to speak out against God returned. The fire of service had cooled, and once again I was ready to defend my case before God. Drawing upon every ounce of courage in my being, I pleaded my cause. "How could I be expected to believe, in light of the modern scientific discoveries that deny the existence of God? If indeed You created the heaven and the earth should there not be evidence to support that conclusion?"

Once again God thundered His answer to my objections. "These scientists," He began, "are simply men, but you continually place their authority over My authority. You accept their word over My Word and man's knowledge over God's knowledge. In light of what you now know, is that a reasonable conclusion?"

"No Lord," I replied. "But I didn't know all about your Word then. How was I to accept Your Word when all of the evidence was against it? Surely these men were only seeking the truth."

"By faith," He said, "they rejected Me. Having made up their minds, they set out to prove to the world that I did not exist. In their wisdom they became fools. They did not prove the Bible wrong, but attempted to demonstrate to the world the possibility that all things came into existence by themselves. However, is it reasonable to assume that the majesty of the universe came about by chance, or that the laws of science are nothing more than accidents? Can you really believe that order came from chaos and life came from non-living material?" As I pondered His words, God continued to ask questions. "Can man's intelligence have come from a one-celled ameba? Can sight have developed from those things that cannot see? These men have not proved Me wrong; they have simply denied my existence. Had they sought Me, they would have found the truth. Because they have not believed, they have condemned themselves, and the blood of those who have been deceived by their claims will be on their hands forever. One day each of these men who have denied My Word will face the judgment.

Thus I discovered that my final defense was a failure. Still I pleaded with God that He might show me the evidence that left man without excuse. "All things," He said, "were created and made by My beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing was fashioned without Him. He was before all things, and by Him all things exist, for He created the heaven and the earth. The earth was hung in a vacuum called space and covered by darkness. On the first day the earth was empty and void, for there were no inhabitants and no atmosphere. The earth was unfinished and covered with water. Then My Son called light into existence, making it to shine on the earth and thus creating a system of light and darkness. By the end of the first day of creation, He had established space, matter, and time.

"Does man have an explanation for the origin of space? Can he explain the existence of matter? Does he understand the establishment of time? Does man, who was not present and could not observe these things come into being, really think that he can explain their origin? Tell me, if you can answer, where was man when the foundations of the earth were laid?"

I didn't know. I couldn't answer. Certainly these things had to have an origin. They couldn't have existed forever. I knew that man had failed to explain their beginnings or prove God wrong. Man may not have chosen to believe the revelation God gave in Genesis, but he could not disprove it. Only a first-hand observer, a reliable witness, could do that. God was telling me that He alone was there.

As I pondered these things, God continued to speak. "Where were you," He said, "when the firmament was made? By placing an expanse between the waters remaining above and below on the earth, the atmosphere was formed. Now preparations were completed for setting life upon the earth. Dry land appeared out of the waters, and out of dry land came plant life, fruit trees yielding fruit, grass bearing grass and the herb yielding seed. All of these things were called into existence by the powerful Word of God, created by and for My Son, Jesus Christ."

As I listened to the description presented by God, I could almost see His creation in action. In my mind I could picture the heavens being spread out as God diffused that light source and created the sun, the moon, and stars. All of these things, His handiwork, were for signs and for seasons, for days and for years, in order that man could tell time. He established a system which consisted of days, months, and years. It was an amazing and beautiful sight to picture the stars that spun off as He spread out the heavens with His fingers. The light from the distant stars became visible on the earth, for He had not only created the stars, but controlled their light so that it was now visible upon the earth. I had never thought of the origin of the universe in that way, and yet how else does one explain the magnificent universe... all of the galaxies, so different, so vast? Or the total movement of the universe, so exact! I could see now that it was foolish to believe that these things came about by chance. For the first time I realized that the heavens were established to declare His handiwork, to show His glory and to demonstrate His power.

God continued, "What of the origin of the solar system? Can you explain the earth and all of the planets revolving around the sun, or the moons revolving around their planets? How did the solar system come into being without any help?" I could not answer. I guess I really never accepted the idea that all of these things evolved. It was difficult to believe that the universe, the solar system, and the beautiful movements of the planets around the sun were just accidents of nature. I found myself asking the same question. How could all of these things come about by themselves? I stood there amazed as God demanded, "Could it have evolved, condensed from a dust cloud?

"Could a swirling mass of particles form the mighty solar system? How could the earth capture a moon? How can eleven of the thirty-two moons in the solar system revolve backwards in their orbits? How does one explain the fact that two of the planets orbit the sun differently from the others?"

For the first time I began to realize that man lacked the answers to these questions. The evidence was there, revealed in His Word. How else could one explain the magnificent solar system and the grandeur of the universe? It must have been planned. It must have had a Creator.

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